Books You Must Read (Personal and Professional Development)

The following are the list of books that an individual should read to get more knowledge and understanding and do get control of one’s paradigm (subconscious mind). When you are able to change that, you can achieve anything in your life.

I am also providing the links if you like to get and read them of course. All the links are affiliate links through the biggest and trustworthy e-commerce platform- Amazon.

The links for audible are also been provided. one of the exciting things is you can enjoy any 1 book for free for your 30 day trial on audible. Nothing to lose you self improvement junkies 😉

Book no 1. The Secret- Law of Attraction (Category: Universe laws)


The law of attraction always works even if you know or not, it is always functioning. This book perfectly explains how to achieve desired results in all the areas of life including health, fitness, relationships, money, etc. It recommends visualizing things that an individual wants and being grateful for life in order to achieve anything he/she desires. The universe has enough for everyone. One just needs to ask from the universe.

When you say you can do it or you cannot do, you are right in both scenarios because you are manifesting it. –Henry Ford

I would highly recommend reading this book and look at the movie version. The author of this book is Rhonda Bryne

To get this book click here: The secret

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible trial 

Book no 2. Rich Dad Poor Dad. – What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not!  (Category:  Personal Finance and thinking on money)

download (2)

This book differentiates the thinking between the poor and the rich. Why is rich getting richer and poor getting poor? It explains the philosophy and a strong metaphor between his rich Dad and his own poor Dad. Robert encourages being an investor and allowing your money to work for you rather than being just an employee and working for paychecks.

This book is the number 1 book for personal finance, which explains the assets and liability in the rightful terminology. It also explains the rise of taxation is the 20th century and hoe rich escaped from it by buying higher value assets and escaping taxation on gains as well as keep earning monthly cash flows. The author of this book is Robert T. Kiyosaki.

To get this book Click here: Rich dad Poor dad

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible trial

Book no 3. Think And Grow Rich (Category: Finance and thinking over money)


This is one of the most important financial books, which is written by Napoleon Hill. The author gives the entire philosophy of moneymaking. The book explains various components of life like Desire, Faith, Persistence, Decision Making, organized planning, and the author also explains about the Mystery of Sex, the role of the subconscious mind in framing your thoughts to achieve something or fail at something. Lastly, the author explains about a sixth sense.

To get this book Click Here: Think and grow rich

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible trial



Book no 4. The 4-Hour Work Week -Escape 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new Rich (Category: approach on work and time)

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This is one of the best books written by Timothy Ferriss. It is no.1 New York Times Bestseller. The author of this book gives instructions in order to escape 9 to 5 jobs and create the freedom one wants. The book also reflects key aspects of human life like Defining life on your own terms, rules that change the rules and reset the whole system of one’s paradigm. it also mentioned in the book eliminating time management as being busy is not always productive. Automation in outsourcing life and putting income on autopilot and being able to manage in your absence. Liberation to escape the office and killing your job and find contentment in life for not being working for someone for a paycheck. The author also explains adding life after subtracting work and common mistakes made by new riches and how to avoid them.

This book will bring a huge difference in your thinking and will make you a smart worker than being a hard worker for someone else’s dream. it is not compulsory to work as a slave to earn a million dollar

To get this book click here: 4 Hour work week

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible travel

Book no 5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Category: Personal Development)

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This is one of the powerful books to bring a drastic change in one’s personality. The author of the book STEPHEN R. COVEY has well defined the following habits of highly effective people.

  1. Be Proactive: This habit is being not reactive to situations. For example, an executive rather than complaining about government and policies, He can be proactive to create and improve his product so he can reach more customers. This will allow him to be innovative and have a better approach and use his energy in creating better rather than whining about something that he cannot control.
  2. Begin with the end in mind: It means having a clear understanding of your destination as to where you are heading and how to get where you want by merely appreciating the things or individuals that really matter to you. How would you live today if it was your last day?
  3. Put first things first: This habit is about prioritizing things to be done in order to achieve something and assign importance to different activities. In other words. What is your priority? Spending time with family or watching TV.
  4. Think win-win: Effective individuals promote win-win situations. For you in order to win, it is not mandatory for another individual to lose.
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: This habit simply says listen more than to be heard. Have a compassionate nature and have empathy. Just become more than to explain it to someone that you have already.
  6. Synergize: This habit is seen in highly effective people as they synchronize themselves with other individuals to achieve harder goals. Simply saying working in a team.
  7. Sharpen the saw: This habit reflects the smaller habits or actions that lead to higher goals. For example, going to a gym and working out 30 minutes 4 times a week or reading a book daily for 15 minutes that would prevent an individual to go to a doctor and depend on medicines or looking for tips to get something done respectively. This habit, in other words, is improving skills on a daily basis and keep learning

If you like to get this book click here: 7 Habits of highly effective people

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible trial

Book no 6. Man’s Search For Meaning (Category: Real Life Experiences):


This book Is Viktor Frankl’s story of his struggle for survival in Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps. Today, this remarkable tribute to hope offers us an avenue to finding greater meaning and purpose in the lives of others as an enduring work of survival literature According to the New York Times.

According to chief Rabbi DR Jonathan Sacks, Viktor Frankl is one of the moral heroes of the 20th century. His insights into human freedom, dignity and the search for meaning are deeply humanizing and hold the power to transform lives. The book also teaches patience and persistence.

To get this book Click here: Man’s search for Meaning

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible trial

Book no 7. Go Pro: 7 Steps to becoming a network marketing professional (Category: Professional Development- Network Marketing):


This book is an amalgamation of Eric Worre’s experience and knowledge acquired in 25 years of his career. The book gives 7 steps to become a specialist in network marketing. from getting prospects, inviting them to see the product, presenting the product, following up with them and helping them to become a customer or become a distributor too and finally promoting events.

The book is very helpful for improving communication skills and getting a professional approach to network marketing. I would recommend reading this book whether you are already in network marketing or intend to join it. this book serves as a bible for network marketing. Network marketing is not perfect, it is definitely better. It helps time freedom and financial freedom.

To get this book Click here: Go Pro 

Audible link: Free audiobook with audible trial

Book no 8. 7 Strategies for Wealth and happiness (Category: Self Discipline)

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This book is written by my mentor Jim Rohn who is America’s Foremost Business Philosopher. In this book, he instructed to become more to achieve more. Also, have a discipline that is daily activities to achieve higher goals.

The Strategies Jim mentioned are unleashing the power of Goals, seeking Knowledge, learning how to change, Controlling Finances, Audiobookmastering time, surrounding yourself with winners and learn the art of living well.

Jim Rohn’s Words would make sense to any individual that wants to achieve something greater in life and how to become that person that attracts success.

According to Jim Rohn, “Success is no more than the natural consequences of consistently applying the fundamentals of success of life”

To get this book Click here: 7 Strategies for wealth and happiness

Audible link: Audiobook, or free with audible trial

Book no 9. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck (Category: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to living a good life)


This amazing book is written by Mark Mansion. He explains many important aspects of life and the approach to living life fully without Entitlements and Expectations. He suggests the readers lower their Bars of gratitude. His ideology depicts that an individual gets happiness by solving problems and really following ones’ dream without fear of judgment because people are going to judge you in any scenario.

Mark is pretty straight-forward, hilarious, vulgar and immensely thought-provoking. The book hits like a slap on the face to awaken somebody. He suggests to follow the pain and not avoid negativity and failure. Just acknowledge it and make a choice to empower ourselves. His ideology and philosophy are difficult to digest but it is very intuitive and helpful to live a happy life.

He said, “Higher the level of problems, the higher the growth possible”. To achieve something bigger you have to find bigger problems to solve which eventually makes you happier. I highly suggest you read this book and make tough choices in life and accept yourself fully.

To get this book click here: The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Audible link: Audiobook, free with audible trial


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