Do you constantly see the same numbers again and again ?

Do you constantly see the same numbers over and over again?


Do you realize that the thoughts you are having are creating your reality? Your thoughts have the power to create the life you want. everything in this universe is energy, everything vibrates at certain frequencies. Your bodies may look solid from the outside, however, they are a field of energy under the microscope. therefore every thought has frequency and vibration.

This is because you are having a spiritual awakening. You no longer identify yourself just with your body or your ego self which is the illusion of the self.

You start being more observant and more intentional with your life and start identifying yourself in a certain pattern. it’s like you want to break the norm by letting of it.
You may notice or start to feel a few things as follows.

1. You constantly notice the same numbers over and over and over again. Especially numbers like 111,222,333,444,555 and mirror numbers like 11:11, 22:22 19:19, 14:44 on the clock. I see a lot of 44’s and 4:44 11:11 on the clock.

2. You are hearing the same songs again and again or you are having some thoughts and you listen to a song later in the day that resonates with it. It’s random. maybe there is something in the song that you need to hear or the song resonates with how you feel in the present moment.

3. You start to manifest small things instantly. It could be anything you want, a cup of coffee or a call from a friend you were thinking about earlier in the day.

4. You have a numerous amount of inspired ideas and your creativity has reached another level. You feel inspired to create and you have a sense of urgency to act in the present moment. It could also mean a sudden action plan to achieve your desires. there is a voice inside of you, your higher self, your intuition telling you to take action towards something that you want to manifest in your life.

5. You have increased energy and your physical capacity has increased as you no longer define your limits. Because you realize that to define is to limit. You keep challenging yourself and push yourself to realize your potential. You know you deserve better and you are better than what you currently are.

6. You attract people or circumstances that help you grow. Suddenly the people that were behind the scenes start to show up in your life, it only because you are becoming more aligned with your true self.

7. Even with the increased challenges and obstacles, you keep working and things eventually work out. Even the stressful situations become easier. Everything gets into the flow state. It seems effortless and you lose the count on time. it may have happened to you that you were doing something you are passionate about and you were so immersed and focused. you didn’t realize you have been doing for hours without being tired or breaking a sweat.

These signs are just the tip of the iceberg. The above is just a common example. So many magical events and circumstances show up in your life that helps you be in that state of being.

This all happens because your consciousness has expanded and you are highly aware. You become aware that the physical body is just a vessel for your existence and you go through consciousness shift.

If you experience any of the above scenarios you are in complete alignment. In this universe, everything happens in their own time and pace. Everything is in synchronicity or you can say its cosmic. Also, our role as humans is to focus on your state of being and keep it positive and uplifting and using our attention on the things that matter the most in our lives. Awareness is everything.

If you are experiencing anything like this, I want to congratulate you, you are becoming woke. the fact that you are currently reading this is a sign itself. The planet is currently going through a massive shift in consciousness and awakening, More and more people are awakening and realizing who they really are and coming to know their true nature, which is infinite love, bliss, prosperity, and abundance.

While researching these numbers and How the universe communicates with us. I came across numerology and numerology reports, the calculations and mathematical algorithms personalized to you, it’s unique to you.

I got my report and I am studying it, I was in shock to find the accuracy of the personalized reading. people often get surprised, I am sure you will be too.
To understand these patterns that you are seeing and what numbers mean to you.

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I hope this blog post helps you, I am sending more peace and love on your way. May you become the best version of yourself, you deserve so much more.

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