5 Words to Avoid using while Manifesting. !! Law of Attraction !!

Introduction to Subconscious Mind – A Brief explanation on how subconscious mind works and we get programmed in this society


Above is an example of how 90% of our life is run by the subconscious mind and 10% is Conscious Mind.

Our Life is run by the subconscious to an extent of  90% and 10% conscious.

The conscious mind includes physical sensations perceived by five senses, perspectives, logic, analytical and critical thinking, will power, short term memory, and last but not the least, our feelings.

The subconscious mind Holds all the Habits, Emotions, Values, Long term Memory, Imagination, Vision, and intuition

The subconscious mind is like a software program, it only takes instructions from your conscious mind which you give it by your perception and logical thinking or rational mind. The subconscious mind is highly suggestible when we are in early childhood, So you can see why kids ask so many questions and they are so curious in nature.

As time goes on we learn things from our parents, teachers, schools, society in general, its all programming us for our lives, Even Television, Magazines, Social media is all portraying a certain image of how things are or should be.

Now when we are not living in abundance, or living a life we dream for, we get really confused, that is why so many youngsters feel lost or have the anxiety of some kind to reach somewhere or peer pressure and expectations to behave in a particular manner and achieve some superficial position or a milestone.

So we can say in order to change or bring in a change in our lives, we have re-program our brains, and language is a big part of it, Only humans have language, animals don’t speak, trees don’t speak, at least for our human senses, we can say that.

Whatever you say or hear will be picked up by your subconscious mind and we have to mindful of the words we use, some words upwards stream, some are downward stream, one makes you feel empowered, other makes you feel powerless, one makes you victor and the other a victim, it’s easy to differentiate through how it makes us feel, as one makes us feel good the other not so good

So let’s look into words that we should avoid in order to not block the law of attraction, which is one of the universal laws, it is constantly working whether you are aware of it or not, just like the physics: Law of gravity.

  1. I Wish: This is the most dangerous word of all,  you can notice so many people use this word, how often do we hear people say this?”I wish I had more money”,  “I wish had a sports car”, “I wish I was on a holiday”, “I wish I had a girlfriend or boyfriend”, ” think about it, the wish word itself in energetic level says I don’t have it, so the subconscious says picks up this subliminal suggestion that you give to it.so the more you imply that you don’t have it, the more you will lack whatever you wish for. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. in the same way, if you use gratitude and look at the things or no material things you already have by saying, “Thank you” universe, God, Higher power or whoever you believe in. You will attract more abundance, you are required to shift your perception to abundance instead of lack, Focus on what is good and not on what is not good, acknowledge them but don’t dwell on the not good part.There is nothing wrong with wishing, dreaming or trying to reach a better life, however, words have energy, try speaking, “I wish” now, and notice how does it make you feel, does it make you feel empowered at all, if not, that stop using this word.Instead of saying, I wish, Use I am, The subconscious works in the present moment because the present moment is all there is, start using Affirmations like
    “I am abundant”
    (Money is only a symbol or a tool) to have my deepest desire met. “I am Pure Love” (My relationship with my others intimate or not is only a reflection of the amount of love I feel for myself or the amount of self-love I have for myself.
    “I love every day”
    (The truth is when you love what you do and in the great state of being you won’t be wishing for a holiday, I am not saying it’s not nice to have holidays, there is a little shift in perspective here), So replace all I wish with I am and make your own affirmations and mantras and make sure to make them in the present tense. This is so powerful, you can feel the energy of the words and the shift in your perspective.
  2. I Hope: This is the second most used word. Here are some examples,  “I hope I make more money”, “I hope I can pass the test”, “I hope I can buy that brand new car”, ” I hope I finish my assignment”, ” I hope I get that Job”, “I hope I can have a girlfriend”, and I hope, I hope, I hope and on and on and on. There is nothing with hoping for better, just the word itself has downward stream energy and the underlying energy is of lack.
    Every time someone says, “I hope”, they are saying that they don’t have what they are hoping and they are coming from a place of disbelief that what they are hoping for is not possible for them. Also when you say I don’t have, By the law of attraction you will attract more of it which you imply not having Because “Energy flows where attention goes”

    So stop using I hope and instead use, “I know”  Feel the difference when you say
    ” I know”. Feel the sensations in your body, does it make you powerful, Does it add certainty to whatever you are reaching for. So let us reframe the above examples,  you can reframe using both words I Know and I am certain, “I Know I can make more money”, “I know I can pass the test”, “I know I can finish my assignment”, “I know I can have any car I want”
  3. I Never:  Examples, “I never win a lottery”, “I will never get over my ex”, “I never succeed”, “Things will never get better”, “I will never get better”, “I will never find my twin flame”.
    In this vast world with so many opportunities and magic, infinite possibilities why would we use a word that applies limits, remember you are the only one stopping yourself, get out of your own way. Instead of saying Never use Always, like “I always find people that help me grow”, “I always have enough”, “Things always work out for me”, “I always find opportunities”, ” I always find things in perfect order”, and so much more.
    The word “never” is used to refer to something that happened in the past, maybe they had broken relationships or they were financially crushed, now we should not let the past control our present and probable future.
  4.  I Can’t: Again this is another word that puts a limitation on what is humanly possible and also what you are capable of achieving in this lifetime. Examples when we use this word, “I can’t earn more”, “I can’t reach my goals”, “I can’t change my habits”, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t……………

    Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” (Henry Ford)

    You are the creator of your own reality, you are not a part of the universe, the universe is within you, You are god created in human power, You have enormous capacity and ability to create a life you want, You are Infinite consciousness having a temporary/localized human experience.

    Understand how powerful you are, How potent your thoughts and Imagination are to create a reality you want and the potential you hold to shift your perspective and achieve what you want in life.

    “Whatever you can imagine being possible, can be done”,

    “The world has been built by people no smarter than you”
    Instead of saying I can’t, say I can and reframe the sentences.
    When you find yourself saying I can’t, Become aware of yourself and change the following statements in affirmations and in possibility.  See how quickly your life changes.

  5. I need: “I really really need a soulmate”, ” I really need more money”, “I need a big house”, When you say I need you are coming from the place of lack and you cant attract abundance from a place of lack, remember “like attracts like” it is one of the universal laws. Start looking at the things you already have and how far you have come in your journey of life instead of focusing on what you want or want to experience. If you are running and chasing things and find happiness in that, it will not last so long, as the mind will always create psychological suffering, You have to train your subconscious mind by re-programming it 

    You can simply re-program by focusing on what you have and showing and feeling Deep felt gratitude for it, this is the only way to attract true abundance and life of your dreams.
    In order to bring something You want in life, Simply become that,“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
    Everything is energy, the money you want is just energy, the car you want is just an energy, the relationship you want is just an energy.”You don’t get in life what you want, You get in life what you are”, at an energetic level. So become what you want to attract.sunc“Rich gets richer and the poor get poorer” stems out of the same principle because they are constantly playing by the universal laws, the only difference is Rich affirms and use laws in their favor and the poor uses it against themselves.

    Thank you for reading this blog, if you attracted this blog to you, I want to congratulate you, You can only perceive this information which you are the resonating vibration of.
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