Spiritual Awakening stage 1 of 3 (Also called taking the red pill 💊)

This is the blog post for the 3 stages of spiritual awakening and what changes we experience, I am going to cover the first stage here so I can explain it comprehensively. These are the experiences I personally went through and I haven’t pulled this out of the ether.

This is a great time on the planet for massive awakening as people are forced to go within and stay indoors, a lot of things will happen, the inner world will go through a lot of shifts as the days go by, this is the time to work through all the unconscious parts of ourselves that we never addressed and acknowledged.
I am so grateful that I went through all these stages and you can call it “The dark night of the soul”  and processed all these teachings and understanding why things happened a certain way in my life to wake me up. So I can help others in navigating through the awakening process, I feel like the universe has been preparing me to help others.  Because 2020 is the year of mass awakening and a lot of people are going to wake up to the truth and know who they truly are

I feel so grateful that I have the privilege to guide you and help you
So now I can share my truth and experiences, so in this post, I will discuss the initial stage

So let us start with understanding the initial or first stage

Stage 1

This stage is often referred to as taking the Red pill, here you feel  and go through the following and you can also call them awakening or ascension symptoms too

Difficulty swallowing the truth (Red pill):

You become aware of bitter truths of life and realise what you think will make you happy it doesn’t and I know it is very painful to accept that. It is only because of prior blue-Pill conditioning coming from society, culture, parenting, schooling and influence from the external world in general that portrays happiness in materials, power and money.

“Truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make the truth hurt any less, nor does it make the  truth any prettier, and it certainly does not absolve you of the responsibilities that the truth requires”

Anger and cynicism:

You feel angry and cynical on everything and everyone’ you feel everyone is operating from the level of their self-interest and selfishness. You are unable to see the good in people due to the veil of ego-building up. This is a red pill rage that is like a volcano, you can easily hurt others by just your speech alone.


You feel frustrated and get triggered by the smallest things and are ready to explode like a volcano, it is because you have too many suppressed and unprocessed trauma and emotions that need healing and someone who can mentor you at that point. Try using this anger to become better, find a healthy way to express your frustration like boxing or any physical activity that will move this dormant energy. Use yoga and tai chi to transmute this energy to get it moving and keep it circulating


Realising too many truths at once can be shocking and it is hard for the conscious mind to comprehend all at once. you feel hopeless and see no way out of the prison of your own mind. here bring acceptance to your life by realising that you cannot control everything and make peace with it. focus on what you can control and let it be, it will pass too

Anxiety and fear:

Due to hopeless and feeling like you have no control over the situation you may feel anxious and fear starts to build up, you start imagining the worst thing that can happen to you and you feel like your world is ending. you are in constant fear and paranoia.

The anxiety can be so bad that you can get panic attacks and have breathing issues or shallow breaths (Mindfulness can really help to overcome this situation)

Depression and isolation

You will go through intense Depression and feeling of isolation and will feel like you are alone and no one understands what you are going through, even you don’t know what is happening to you. this is a hard time and give yourself love and non-judgemental attitude and be easy on yourself, pray more and connect with people you love and look up to people that you can look for guidance. Please reach out, do not suffer in silence and talk to someone who can guide you

Lack of direction and purpose in life:

You will feel no motivation in doing daily work and chores and lack direction of where to head in life as you will have no vision and all the goals you set prior will seem meaningless as they were set up based on an old paradigm that is no longer serving you.

You will feel like there is no purpose in being alive and your life will feel meaningless. you will start questioning life and ask some deep profound questions to yourself  that will change your future as you start to ask these real questions  about life and what is the meaning of it all

Losing the  old self-identity:

You will slowly start to lose your sense of identity as the old belief patterns start dissolving and in a way gets destroyed. you will forget who you are, I remember it happened to me, the upside is your cup becomes cracked and it starts becoming empty so the new and authentic way of living life could emerge. you will start to prioritise what really matters to you and start re-thinking life. For example, you may start selling old belongings and may start decluttering your house, you may stop talking to some people intuitively as you realise a lot of relationships were not based on truth and were superficial

Feeling tired of being tired

You will feel tired of being tired, like sick of being sick, and you may even suffer because the ego is trying to hold on the old frame, and your brain is addicted to the old paradigm, but intuitively you know what is good for you, so there will be an internal battle between your conscious and unconscious mind (between your ego and soul). you will make massive changes in your life

Seeing yourself separate from others:

You start blaming others and act as a victim to your circumstances and externalise your own power and do not take ownership of your life and how you got there knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. Start taking ownership of your life and operate with love and compassion for others, you are not separate from others, you live in the same reality, everyone goes through tough times, you don’t know what others have been through

Development of a rational mind:

You will start developing a rational mind where you improve your analysing skills and logical and practical thinking, sometimes it can lead to study at random topics like MGTOW, Man going there own way and start MONK mode and may even start going inwards. you have to start becoming aware if it makes you too negative. Make sure you  keep in check on the ego as it loves negativity and cynicism also stop letting it lead you towards suffering and pain

Do not start putting money and power on a pedestal as they will not fulfil you. be aware of it and find a balance so it doesn’t make you negative

Thank you so much for reading, please stay tuned for stage 2 and the next post to gain more insight

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I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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