Spiritual Awakening stage 2 of 3 (Also called a period of integration)

This blog post is a series of 3 blog post of spiritual awakening and the 3 stages that you will go through to really awaken to your truth. If you haven’t checked the last post or the initial stage of awakening please go check my last blog post, it will shed some light on what you might be going through in life.

The second stage is highly transformational and a period of integration, because it will wake you up and make you aware of your old patterns and behaviours. This is a period of integration of higher states of consciousness and your ego self, you will make massive changes in your life and come to terms with what truly matters to you and will eradicate of everything that is holding you back or keeping you stuck. There will be a lot of things happening here, so following are some of the elements or things that will come up

I went through all of these in 2019 and it was a year of great integration and adjustments in my life

You question everything

You will start to question everything, you will become curious like a child or a cat that wants to know everything, you want to know the truths of this universe, why things are the way they are and how you are a catalyst to it, and what is your role and contribution to the planet. You may go very deep in your psyche and spend a lot of time in solitude, thinking, reflecting, in introspection and changing your mindset and gain more understanding of yourself and you may start to understand how your brain works.

Time of massive change You may move to a new place or leave your old job or completely change your diet and start to give new meaning to life.

Heightened awareness

All the old the illusions start to break down as you start to make deep realisations and really start to make sense of the events in your life that led you here and you will start to feel grateful.

You will start to develop spiritual senses that are beyond the 5 physical senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. we also call them sixth sense or intuition, an inner knowing and self-knowledge. this knowledge is beyond reading 100s of books.

Your beliefs will start changing as you integrate this new sense of self and at this stage, your third eye might even open, it happened to me in October 2019, I will share this with you more in another blog post


You start to feel the energy and emotion of others, You can easily discern between knowing what is good for you and what is not as you can pick on subliminal messages from your subconscious mind. You become more suggestible and open-minded as you get deeper into your subconscious mind.

You can also become an “EMPATH” at this stage as you can feel the energies of others deeply. You can sense and feel the pain and suffering of others as you have already gone through it in earlier stages or earlier in life. You can develop Para-normal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. You start to have compassion and non-judgement attitude for others


You start to bring more acceptance in your life, You start to accept who you really are and make peace with yourself. you bring acceptance to how perfectly imperfect you are and start loving yourself more

You start to You will start to become more mindful, and start taking care of your needs, physically and emotionally, you will start taking good care of yourself, You will start to set boundaries by saying no to what you don’t want to do.
You will start to protect yourself and even stop hanging out or socialising with people that you used to associate with.

You will start to forgive yourself and people that hurt you in the pastor done you wrong, as now you are in good terms with all of them or at least moved on in your life. You will operate more from love rather than fear and start to live with intention and bring clarity to your life. You will start to treat your mind and body as a temple and may stop eating junk food, go on a plant-based and may even stop drinking Alchohol and all toxic substances.

Gravitation towards spiritual practices

You will naturally be drawn to learn something new to put you in a better state of being such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, breathwork, sungazing, star gazing, prayer, listening to high vibrational and uplifting music, reading more books and watching content like this one and so many more daily practices

You may spend time in nature listening to birds singing and enjoying the simplicity of life and you will start to see the innocence of nature.

Releasing and letting go

You will do a lot of releasing and healing work on yourself. You will start to process all the unprocessed and trapped emotions in your body. You may also find yourself crying for no reason. I remember releasing a lot of trapped emotions from my body as I use to cry alone in my room and start to let go of the past and the pain and suffering that I went through

This is the time to completely surrender to God, Allah, Krishna, Higher power, Source, your Higher-self or whatever you want to call it and be grateful that you are experiencing something beyond yourself.

You realise there is more

You start to realise that there is more to life than the materials and you will long for your purpose in life. You start to realise that there is more to life than just punching your hours 9 to 5 and just wasting your free time watching rubbish on television or simply wasting away your life. You will start to be serious about working on yourself and becoming a better version of yourself. You will start to be more inspired from within

Thank you so much for reading this post.thank you for helping yourself to get more insight and understanding. Thank you for doing soul searching and knowing the infinite source within you.
Please let me know if this resonated with you and made you realise that you are not alone, I share my love, light and lots of blessings
Stay tuned for 3rd stage of awakening, thank you
You are amazing, do not give up on your vision and mission in life.

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I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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