Spiritual Awakening stage 3 of 3 (Opening to new realities and dimensions)

In this blog post, I will shed some light at the 3rd stage of spiritual awakening, remember this is not the last stage and there is so much more to grow at soul level as we are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. I hope that it shall help you in your journeys. And there is so much more that I cannot cover in a single blog post.
So here are some of the ascension symptoms that I am currently going through.

If you haven’t checked the initial and second stages, feel free to check 2 of my last blog posts and check my youtube channel,  for a video version of all the writing work here, I will leave the link below at the bottom of the post

You start to notice more Synchronicity

You start to see more signs that show that you are in alignment and in the vortex, you will start to see angel numbers throughout your whole day, the angels are telling you that you are safe and loved. This is very empowering, you start to feel that you are not alone, your guides and archangels are always with you and they are guiding you on your path to the reality you live in.

You will feel need to be physically adjusted

You may feel changes in your body as you are embodying the higher frequencies and learning more truths, You will need to see a coach or a mentor that can help you, a chiropractor is an important person that will help you adjust your body and correct your posture or if you already have been there, you will intuitively feel the need to stretch your body, practice kundalini yoga, breathwork, any physical activity that will help you embody the new state of being

I went to a chiropractor in November 2019, I got myself adjusted and correct my body posture so I can feel better in a way that the information between your brain and nervous system can easily flow and my body is in alignment so my chakras (energy centres in the body) can open up.

Begin to have powerful lucid dreaming

You have more control over your dreams and you can manipulate your dreams at this point, you can astral project to different dimensions and have more out-of-body experiences (OBE), you will realise there is so much more for you to discover and your curiosity to know more will rise. Your meditations get deeper and deeper day by day and feel more grounded.

Your appetite will reduce

As you have developed emotional intelligence and are no longer driven by emotional eating, you start to get complete control of yourself, your body will start cleaning itself, you will naturally get a body detox and all the impurities and toxins will start to leave your body. You may go days without eating, and still feel a lot of energy circulating through your body. Your body will go through a metamorphosis and regeneration of new cells, you will feel different, see different.

You can see through the illusions of society

You came to the realization that everyone is doing their best at where they are at, and you see that its all just programming and conditioning of beliefs and perspectives.
You come to peace with your painful or uncomfortable past and learn some deep lessons and realise everything helped you to become who you are today. At this point, you will have no energetic chords or bondage with anyone and you will feel free to be yourself and do what you want to do and what you really love doing.


You can see foresee future as your intuition is empowering you daily and that’s your internal guiding mechanism, you can easily navigate the reality and choose what you really want, it is really an empowering place to be in

Experience a lot of Déjà vu

You experience a lot more of Déjà vu moments throughout your week, its a feeling that you have already seen or felt this before. All of a sudden, out of nowhere you get a feeling that this has already happened again and I have experienced this before

For example, when I moved to this new house I had a sense of familiarity that I have already been here before like this was already mine

Live in constant amazement of  the present moment

Now at this point, all you want to do is enjoy the present, your brain is no longer controlling you or creating anxiety for you that you need to get somewhere and constantly work or do something to feel worthy, whole and complete. You want to enjoy your own presence.
Since your senses are amplified, you completely enjoy listening to music, dancing or find a way to truly express yourself and your new emerging creativity.
For example, I love sharing my ideas and expressing myself through writing this blog and making content and putting value in the world. I don’t have to do it or do it for the sake of achieving anything or getting somewhere. I do it so I can express myself and to express my essence and be really who I am.

Abundant in love/gratitude

You feel very abundant and are full of love. you feel like you don’t need anything because you already have it, you feel that from within and you are no longer dependent on the external world to change because your inner world has expanded and you know who you really are. You are more connected to yourself than ever before.
You are a person who lights up the whole room, wherever you go, you carry the light within you and its a gift to the world. You feel loved from within and your level of self- love would be at a peak and you can never go back to who you were before
You will feel wealthy and the source of love, you will be feel fulfilled from within

Allow life to happen and pass through you

You will simply allow the life to happen to you, you will no longer operate from ego and the resistance that wants to try and control everyone and everything. You will no longer be attached to anything to make you happy. You will no longer seek validation or approval of others so that you can feel better.
You let things come and go, you don’t identify yourself with anything as you realise everything is just programming, labelling, judging, conceptualizing and putting things in boxes
You will only be drawn to whats really bring you joy and happiness.

You may have found your soul tribe

You will find like-minded individuals and who are on the same path of healing themselves, spreading love in the world and raising the vibration of collective consciousness through various mediums like reiki, breathwork, music, art, dance, yoga etc.
You will start to feel really grateful and realise that you were never alone, we all are in this together and we are all one. You will feel more connected with them energetically

You will cry for no reason

As your heart will be filled with love, joy and gratitude and a constant feeling of being connected to your angels and your ancestors and your guides that make you feel loved and you will feel that you are never ever alone.

You will cry as you understand the universe’s conspiracy to wake you up and bring you in the alignment and make you realise everything is in perfect order and everything happens for a reason. You will feel deep gratitude in your heart
You may not understand why you are crying, but let the emotions flow through you so you can cleanse yourself and raise your vibration
Don’t judge yourself, or stop expressing yourself. just hold a loving space and container so you can relax.
Give yourself more love and let life pass through you.


Published by Saif popatiya

I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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