My Top 10 Tips and Advice for practising nofap

In this blog post, I am going to share what I have learned to overcome the habit of fapping (Masturbating) and watching pornography and wasting the vital and potent energy that is so powerful that it can create the world for you if intentionally used, transmuted and channelled into other directions of what you want to achieve in your life.

This Blog is going to be slightly long and detailed, so get yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Learn, enjoy and embody this information.

Let us first understand that our body has 7 energy centres, they are called “CHAKRAS“, the lower three Chakras, root Chakra (Mūlādhāra), Sacral Chakra (Svādhiṣṭhāna) and solar plexus (Manipūra) and are more related to matter and are very physical in nature The root chakra is based at the bottom of our spine. This energy centre the Root chakra (Mūlādhāra) is responsible for sexuality, grounding, feeling safe, feeling centred.

Therefore if there is an imbalance in the Root Chakra, we live in survival mode, in fear and various forms of trauma, sluggish, Self-loathing behaviours and an eating disorder.

Psychological symptoms of blockage include Anxiety disorders, fear, panic attacks, worry, overthinking, depression, nightmares, emotionally disconnected, disconnected from the body, anger/rage frustration.
Now when one feels all these negative emotions, he or she tries to escape reality and the problems of life by seeking orgasm, La petite mort (French pronunciation). Orgasm is referred to as small death is an expression which means “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness”

The (Muladhara) is a Sanskrit word, which hyphenates as MULA- The root and DHARA-Foundation, Put together (ROOT FOUNDATION) so now you can imagine the importance of balancing the root chakra and avoiding needless sexual activity and wasting the potent energy So if you are not centred, feel ungrounded and not established in your foundation, its harsh truth of life that you will easily be broken by the challenges life throws at you and you will constantly living in survival mode

The following are my top tips and advice for practising no fap and staying firm on your purpose and stay grounded, feel calm and centred.

Stop counting days or keep a streak

This is one of my top advice that I can give you from my own personal experiences. when you constantly try to reach a certain number of days, your brain will delude you into the next time of relapse and is constantly looking for the next time you masturbate/fap and give away your will power.

I remember when I counted days, just at the beginning of my practice, I use to feel false pride after a certain number of days and I would lose my will power and give in to masturbating and feeling guilty, have you experienced the guilty feeling you feel after the act, how ashamed you feel, how guilty and bad you feel.

But its okay, don’t be so hard on yourself, just like any art or practice in life, it needs patience and persistence and willingness to start over, again and again, every time you fall down on your knees, now get up and start again, you just relapsed, who gives a shit, at least you tried.

No fap is not a challenge, it is a way life to seeking the truth and walking the ultimate path of finding your life purpose.
So stop counting the days or keep the streak on a pedestal.

Do not wear tight undergarments

If you are wearing tight undergarments, it is causing unnecessary stimulation and sensations to your genitals and private parts, so get rid of all your undergarments that are tight and are even uncomfortable at times.

You may have seen the models on magazines, they advertise and portray tight garments in so much fashion and flashy styles and presentation. However, they would not wear those in real life.
They are just there to advertise brands and make money, nothing wrong with that but become aware of that

Be mindful of what you consume 

Consumption is not only limited to food, drink, it is anything that you knowingly or unknowingly consume in forms of Television , Magazines, Newspapers, Netflix. anything that feeds your sensory functions and how you perceive the information.

You may have seen the newspapers and how they use headlines to keep you in fear and in survival mode. You may have noticed the images of half or complete nude Supermodels in seductive and appealing poses.

You may see a movie, Netflix series or a T.V program where you see sensual images and a way of portraying love in very physical manner, there is nothing wrong with that, its only becoming aware of how its affecting you and how it may trigger you.

Same with the magazines where you see unrealistic standards of representing sexuality in very intimate ways.

Now when you come across this things be really aware how its giving the catalyst for you to think about masturbation and escape the reality and your problems

Be aware of your thoughts

You should be really aware of our thoughts and understanding where they are coming from, here i mean sexual thoughts and impulses that is making you act on it.
Many times those thoughts are coming from external situations, things you consume, read, watch. People you meet in general, or any beautiful looking Women you see in your day to day life (Man in case if you are woman)

Now its really important to find out what is making you so compelled to act on your impulses, once become aware of our thoughts by simply observing them we are in a place of power and can make better choices.

What are your triggers?

Following the point of being aware of our thoughts, the next tip or hack is asking yourself, what are my triggers? what is that issue that i am unaware about, what is making me compel to have unnecessary release of sexual energy

when you ask this questions to yourself and get to the root of any issue, answers will come up and you can work through the triggers?
for example your trigger can be, watching a Hollywood movie with very sensual and stimulating graphics.
You saw a beautiful looking women while you went to a grocery store
You read a newspaper like Daily star or the Sun (UK newspapers) and you saw a half naked model that made you tempted and provoked to act upon the impulse.
You could not control your anger and stress and wanted to bust a nut.
All this are triggers, you could have your own triggers, find out within yourself what are your triggers?

Take cold showers

Taking cold shower helps you build up your will power, it changes your state of being and it makes you stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Taking cold shower alkalizes body by balancing the PH levels and it also helps in calming down the heat in the body and raising human growth hormone (HGH) promoting healthy lifestyle and overall well being .

Cold shower helps you breath right and help you deal with stress and anxiety better

Now if this heat in the body is not balanced it is expressed through sexual release and masturbation and a relapse in many occasion

I will make a detailed blog/video about the benefits of cold shower in general.

Breathing practices and kegel exercise

Breath is a very powerful tool, if we are conscious of our breaths, we can solve many problems and challenges, conscious breathing and becoming aware of the breathing pattern is key, there are few powerful breathing exercises like PranaYama and KapalBharti, that can really help us stay grounded and in control.

Kegel exercise is an amazing way to control the flow of urinary tract by squeezing the Pubococcygeal (pc) muscles and breathing into the root of the spine.

Just like any other art form it takes practice and patience, once you learn this and become aware of it, you can be in control of your life

Stop eating highly stimulant foods

Highly processed foods, sugary drinks and corn syrup induced in daily essential foods, highly dense mercury in fish, avoid alcohol and reduce the intake of coffee, keep the intake of refined carbohydrates like white flour to minimum, spicy foods that are very stimulating to taste buds. Any food in general that excites your sensuality and increases temptation to act upon the impulses. These foods are highly stimulating to central nervous system and can cause various issues for the brain.
Instead eat nutritionally dense foods, raw and less processed foods, lessen the amount of sugar intake.

Get quality sleep and keep your stress levels in check

This is very simple but great way of getting your body and mind to relax more and making sure you get good sound sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the day.
When we are not in our best relaxed state, we become angry, agitated, the monkey mind looks for an escape from daily problems and issues.

when we haven’t got enough rest, the mind becomes restless and starts looking for an escape from the problems, and masturbation and pornography adds to this problem. They are designed to keep you in lower states of well being. And keeps your Root Chakra imbalanced by constant release and masturbation.
This will keep you in fear, anxiety, restlessness, Un-grounded and not in control of your life.

Have you ever wondered why high quality pornography is free on the internet ?and Why it is available to you at few clicks for you to watch. In this case remember the following

When something is free, you are the product”

Be mindful of the stress within the body and its storage in different parts of your body. Becoming mindful and bringing awareness of the stress makes it easier to solve it, rather than acting like everything is fine and all is well. There are few products or supplements i used to help me relieve stress and deal with anxiety, i will list the affiliate links below, I have sourced the best ones for you 🙂

Supplements I use (Affiliate links and best sourced products with reasonable prices)
Fish oil (Omega 3): 3000 Milligram everyday, supports brain and heart functions,
Ashwagandha (1 or 2 a day depending on the instructions on the box)
Multivitamins (1 tablet a day),
Magnesium ( 1 tablet a day)

Vitamin B12 (1 tablet a day)


This is one the most powerful and potent daily practice that will expand your awareness and make you aware of yourself, the triggers to fap, your insecurities and lack of self worth and self sabotage that is keeping you imbalanced and compelling you to watch pornography and have an excess release os sexual energy which can be used, transmuted and channeled to other areas of your life to create better version of yourself.

Meditation is a simple way of becoming a witness of your thoughts, sitting down quietly in your room, car, office breaks, lunch breaks anywhere you can think of and just focusing on your breath and calming the monkey mind wanting to wander of in many different directions. Its your workshop to bring it back to neutrality and in the present moment.

If you are feeling depressed and trying to escape the reality through pornography and masturbate, you are playing the records of the past and living with some form of guilt and shame.

If you are constantly anxious and trying to escape the reality through fapping, you are constantly worrying about the future and keeping yourself stressed.
the purpose of meditation is to feel the inner dimension within ourselves and feeling peace which is only found in the present moment.

i will share how to mediate, and practice mindfulness and expanding your awareness in another blog, Meditation 101.

Additional tip
Use these simple but powerful Mantras whenever you feel un-grounded and have a strong urge to fap/masturbate

I am Safe
I am grounded
I am Centered 
I am fearless
I trust myself
I love myself

“I have the tools necessary to stay stable amidst the chaos around me.”

Also you do chanting, by reciting Root chakra mantra, “LAM” saying it out loud and keeping the length as long as possible with very slow tempo (Pace)

Thank you reading this blog post, please comment below any life issues you might be facing, i am open to make videos on it in order share a perspective to bring a shift in your thinking and expand your Self-Awareness

As always sending lot of love 💛, light✨ and many blessings😇🙏🏼

Peace ☮️ , Namaste 🙏🏼

You matter, you are seen, you are heard.

Published by Saif popatiya

I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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