How to improve your focus and overcome Social Anxiety

In today’s day and age there is a lot of distraction and stimulation that drives you away from yourself, we live in an age of information. So much bombarding of information and unnecessary stimulation drives you away from your natural human instincts and intuition. We get pulled in so many directions and we don’t realize until its late or we find ourselves in an unproductive loop and unconscious habits. Its no surprise we struggle with anxiety, worry and stress that comes with trying to indulge in everything and not really being intentional with our time and energy.

The following are few signs of anxiety

Signs/symptoms of anxiety: Racing thoughts, fear, worry, constant flight or fight response from the body’s central nervous system, uncontrollable overthinking, difficulty concentrating, having hard time focusing on one thing at a time, feeling Un-grounded, problems with sleep and changes in appetite, also feeling of disassociation from the body, or emotional numbness to whats happening around you.
You may also have shaking, fast and shallow breathing, constant fatigue or lack of energy, stomach aches, panic attacks and various physical symptoms.
If anxiety is untreated can lead to depression and impeding doom and feeling stuck.

3 Tips to increase focus

1. Remove distractions and Do dopamine Detox

Remove every distraction that is not adding any value to your life and that which is simply leaving you tired and unproductive on the things that truly matter to you.
Most of the things we consume are often distractions like being hooked to smartphones, constant messaging and needless gossip.
Go for a dopamine detox, try going a day or a week without a smartphone, or electrical devices and find how amazing you feel after that. Constant stimulation is the cause dopamine receptors D2 in the brain to have reduced capacity. which then causes attention deficit and being unable to focus on task at hand.

2. Remove Fear of missing out (FOMO) from the brain:

Due to advertising culture and marketing tactics we often think we are missing out on something, you think you have to read that newspaper, magazine, or have to go that party that your friend has invited you to, stop trying to over commit and become aware of whats not working and remove lack mentality.

3. Meditate regularly:

Meditate on a regular basis to increase your attention span and practice mindfulness. Regular meditation is a very powerful way re-wire your brain and expand your awareness to become conscious of ourselves and be able to develop new habits that support our growth and evolution.

3 Tips on overcoming social anxiety

1. Draw healthy boundaries:

It is important that we create healthy boundaries with others. Healthy boundaries are referred to your identity and what you stand for and don’t let anyone deviate you from your goals and vision in life. Stop feeling guilty and be responsible for others and their happiness.

In order to get clarity of vision and goal in life you must Know and define your core values and principles and be very clear and intentional on what you want to create in your life
Always protect your time as it is considered sacred and its limited and ask for space where needed so you can work on yourself and gain some clarity.

2. Learn to say NO:

This is a big one, even for myself. By over-committing and saying yes to everything and the expectation of other people, you are not clear in what direction you are going, Stop trying to please everyone, you cannot make everyone happy. You may think its good to be nice and try to please others, you are only hurting yourself and may create unconscious resentment and grudges with others. It is not your responsibility for other people’s happiness and moods. Say no to things that you don’t want to do or don’t have time for. Just for next week try saying no to everything, see how empowering it feels, LOL. 😛

3. Manage and conserve your energy:

We all have a limited energy on a daily basis to allocate to tasks and activities that truly matter to us. So don’t over extend yourself and agree to do what you truly don’t want to be doing are have no interest in. Always protect and nurture your own energy first, you cannot pour from an empty cup. DE-clutter your mental space and trust your intuition.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tips that i personally apply in my life to gain some clarity on my purpose and living with intention and deliberate creation,

I am sending positive vibes and lot of love, peace.

Published by Saif popatiya

I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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