Balancing the Root Chakra

Let us first understand that our body has 7 energy centres, they are called “CHAKRAS“, the lower three Chakras, root Chakra (Mūlādhāra), Sacral Chakra (Svādhiṣṭhāna) and solar plexus (Manipūra) and are more related to matter and are very physical in nature The root chakra is based at the bottom of our spine. This energy centre the Root chakra (Mūlādhāra) is responsible for sexuality, grounding, feeling safe, feeling centred.

Therefore if there is an imbalance in the Root Chakra, we live in survival mode, in fear and various forms of trauma, sluggish, Self-loathing behaviours and an eating disorder.

Psychological symptoms of blockage include Anxiety disorders, fear, panic attacks, worry, overthinking, depression, nightmares, emotionally disconnected, disconnected from the body, anger/rage frustration.

Now when one feels all these negative emotions, he or she tries to escape reality and the problems of life by seeking orgasm, La petite mort (French pronunciation). Orgasm is referred to as small death is an expression which means “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness”

The (Muladhara) is a Sanskrit word, which hyphenates as MULA- The root and DHARA-Foundation, Put together (ROOT FOUNDATION) so now you can imagine the importance of balancing the root chakra and avoiding needless sexual activity and wasting the potent energy So if you are not centred, feel ungrounded and not established in your foundation, its harsh truth of life that you will easily be broken by the challenges life throws at you and you will constantly living in survival mode.

Click below to listen to the meditation, Use headphones, get comfortable in your couch or bed or any place you feel safe.

Use these simple but powerful Mantras whenever you feel un-grounded and have a strong urge to fap/masturbate or feel lower emotions

I am Safe
I am grounded
I am Centered 
I am fearless
I trust myself
I love myself

“I have the tools necessary to stay stable amidst the chaos around me.”

Also you do chanting, by reciting Root chakra mantra, “LAM” saying it out loud and keeping the length as long as possible with very slow tempo (Pace)

hank you reading this blog post, please comment below any life issues you might be facing, i am open to make videos on it in order share a perspective to bring a shift in your thinking and expand your Self-Awareness

As always sending lot of love 💛, light✨ and many blessings😇🙏🏼

Peace ☮️, Namaste 🙏🏼

Published by Saif popatiya

I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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