How to Cope With Depression?

Depression is a state of mind we constantly play the record of the past and keep manifesting unpleasant circumstances.

If we learn to let go and bring Acceptance to our life and forgive others for whatever knowingly or unknowingly they have done

It is normal to feel the full emotions and sometimes it is okay to be resentful and be angry, however, in the long run, letting go and moving on is the best thing that you can do in life.

When you forgive others you break the energetic chords between you and the other person. Anything that costs your peace is too expensive. so we must let go.

“I am not saying it’s going to be easy, what I am saying is it’s going to be worth it” Sometimes in life, the truth that we encounter in life as we break free from old social conditioning and cultural codes can help us big time as when we move forward in life that holds us back to really reach our full potential in life.

“The truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make it any prettier, nor does it absolve you of the responsibility the truth requires of you” These truths are really uncomfortable and like a really hard pill to swallow, but it definitely makes our life easier and full of peace, joy and true happiness.

Please Click Below to watch the full YouTube video :

As always sending lots of love and light
Stay loving, stay peaceful,
Much love, Namaste

Published by Saif popatiya

I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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