Stop these 5 behaviours to feel empowered

Stop people-pleasing Stop comparing yourself with others Stop seeking validation and approval from others Stop caring what others think of you Stop Playing the blame game Click below to watch the video

How to deal with Anxiety and Stress? 🤔

In this blog post, I am going to share some hacks and tricks to hack your brain from anxiety and stress, if you haven’t my blog post on “What causes anxiety”, it might give you some perspective, feel free to Click here Anxiety Anxiety comes from worrying and fearing about something, you are constantly thinkingContinue reading “How to deal with Anxiety and Stress? 🤔”

How to stop Overthinking? 💭and Live your life to the fullest

In this blog post, I am going to share what causes over-thinking and how to overcome that, because I was once there and I have dealt with that situation Overthinking our brain starts assuming things and creating expectations of how life should be and we start to hold on to a metaphorical frame and weContinue reading “How to stop Overthinking? 💭and Live your life to the fullest”

Spiritual Awakening stage 3 of 3 (Opening to new realities and dimensions)

In this blog post, I will shed some light at the 3rd stage of spiritual awakening, remember this is not the last stage and there is so much more to grow at soul level as we are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. I hope that it shall help you in your journeys. AndContinue reading “Spiritual Awakening stage 3 of 3 (Opening to new realities and dimensions)”

Spiritual Awakening stage 2 of 3 (Also called a period of integration)

This blog post is a series of 3 blog post of spiritual awakening and the 3 stages that you will go through to really awaken to your truth. If you haven’t checked the last post or the initial stage of awakening please go check my last blog post, it will shed some light on whatContinue reading “Spiritual Awakening stage 2 of 3 (Also called a period of integration)”

Spiritual Awakening stage 1 of 3 (Also called taking the red pill 💊)

This is the blog post for the 3 stages of spiritual awakening and what changes we experience, I am going to cover the first stage here so I can explain it comprehensively. These are the experiences I personally went through and I haven’t pulled this out of the ether. This is a great time onContinue reading “Spiritual Awakening stage 1 of 3 (Also called taking the red pill 💊)”


There is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely, you can be surrounded by 100s of people and still feel lonely inside, you can have kids and be married and still feel lonely Feeling lonely is an existential crisis and a feeling of insignificance on the face of the earth, questions like, what isContinue reading “Loneliness”

You have 3 brains !!!

Yes, you read that right, we have 3 brains head brain, heart brain, and gut-brain. In order to attract and manifest ideal life and be physically, mentally and spiritually sound, we have to align the three brains together, so they are in alignment and synchronized. By doing that we allow the optimal functions of theContinue reading “You have 3 brains !!!”

How to take control of your life?

Introduction In this post, we will look at what causes us to lose control of our lives, the mental state that makes us feel victim and we have no idea how to change the situation I will share 9 simple but profound steps or actions that you can take to feel empowered and shift yourContinue reading “How to take control of your life?”