You don’t get paid by the hour !!, You get paid based on the value you provide to that hour

Our life is formed by the philosophies and the perspective we hold about it, in order to bring change in our lives, we have to change our thinking and bring new perspectives to expand our mindset. Mindset is simply the set of values and principles that hold our realities in place. We have to bringContinue reading “You don’t get paid by the hour !!, You get paid based on the value you provide to that hour”

5 Words to Avoid using while Manifesting. !! Law of Attraction !!

Introduction to Subconscious Mind – A Brief explanation on how subconscious mind works and we get programmed in this society Above is an example of how 90% of our life is run by the subconscious mind and 10% is Conscious Mind. Our Life is run by the subconscious to an extent of  90% and 10%Continue reading “5 Words to Avoid using while Manifesting. !! Law of Attraction !!”

Stop Reacting & Start Responding

How to be more aware of ourselves? Reaction (unconscious) vs Response (conscious) Most people are constantly in reaction mode, they are constantly reacting to events, news, media, Television, or anything that is external to themselves. Now I am not here to judge anyone, I was once in that position too,  the more we are inContinue reading “Stop Reacting & Start Responding”

Why do we suffer/whats the purpose of suffering?

Let’s start this blog with this quote from Victor Frankl “The central theme of existentialism: To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering” As a human being we cannot escape our own suffering, maybe it any shape or form. There are three types of suffering, physical, mental and spiritual.Continue reading “Why do we suffer/whats the purpose of suffering?”

Signs you are a Truth Seeker/ scholar👁

In the following post, we will look at the signs of a truth-seeker/ metaphysician, and you might be one of the awakened ones who is no longer fitting into social constructs and is the one who is standing out having fully been able to express yourself and knowing your truth and not being afraid toContinue reading “Signs you are a Truth Seeker/ scholar👁”

Body Detox with Chlorophyll by Unicity

What is chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in green plants, algae, and cyanobacteria that are created during the process of photosynthesis,  Chlorophyll is an intense green in color due to the fact that it mainly absorbs in the blue light and less in red portions of the electromagnetic spectrum (ScienceDaily, 2019). Photosynthesis happensContinue reading “Body Detox with Chlorophyll by Unicity”

The Quest to Happiness (Nirvana)

We all may have different lifestyles, goals, interests, values, and beliefs and expectations from our lives, however, we all want one thing and we want to be that is being happy. Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. happiness is a subjective term as we all have different causes and things that make usContinue reading “The Quest to Happiness (Nirvana)”

Do you constantly see the same numbers again and again ?

Do you constantly see the same numbers over and over again? Do you realize that the thoughts you are having are creating your reality? Your thoughts have the power to create the life you want. everything in this universe is energy, everything vibrates at certain frequencies. Your bodies may look solid from the outside, however,Continue reading “Do you constantly see the same numbers again and again ?”

Books You Must Read (Personal and Professional Development)

The following are the list of books that an individual should read to get more knowledge and understanding and do get control of one’s paradigm (subconscious mind). When you are able to change that, you can achieve anything in your life. I am also providing the links if you like to get and read them ofContinue reading “Books You Must Read (Personal and Professional Development)”