I had a Spiritual Awakening in 2018, since then i have spent countless hours studying, reading 100s of books on human psychology, applying those teachings. I went through lot of inner work, studying healing, understanding relationship and energy dynamics, practicing daily meditation, finding our life purpose. I have helped individuals in the past to get clarity on their life purpose and help them find authentic and genuine happiness. I am really exited to help others in their journey and spiritual path.

Law of attraction (Manifestation)

In 2012, I first came across “the Secret” and Law of attraction. i was excited and set my intentions to move to united kingdom while i was living in India.
I did not know how it will happen for me, where the financial aspects will be arranged, through which modes and ways i would move and how things would workout. However through shadow work and understanding the things years later made me understood the principles and how i was aligned with what i wanted to manifest. I was really surprised how the principles worked and keeps working in all areas of my life, i would really love to help and teach you how to do anything you want to manifest for yourself.

Love & Relationship

Studying Psychology and inter-gender dynamics, I have gained a ton of understanding on how the energy works, how masculine and feminine energy works. I would love to coach in any area of how to attract love and relationship that you want. Balance your masculine and feminine energy and polarize yourself to attract the ideal relationship you want

Spiritual Coaching and healing

I have studied about the workings of the mind, cognitive therapy and Reiki healing. Along with that i have spent lot of time on expanding one’s consciousness and how the mind plays a role in giving contrast to consciousness and i am excited to share and coach on you on your spiritual path.

I have read countless books on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, human psychology and also Expanding Consciousness
I have meditation videos on my
Youtube channel.

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Here are some feedbacks and responses from my Clients

Wow! What can I say! So motivating and inspiring! Saif is not only able to help other people by giving advice, he always shows true compassion and commitment when working with someone.
Having gone through struggles himself he really can put himself in your shoes.

BY Raj Bhanot (@magicwordrb on Instagram)

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