Hitesh Kumar Prajapat

“Saif is the Embodiment of Acceptance and Non-Judgement. I am glad that I met him and was able to get his Invaluable Guidance to Ascend on my Spiritual Path. It all started with just random and occasional chat sessions about Meditation, spirituality, awakening.. etc and I really did not have any idea about these things though I was looking for answers of thousands of questions that I had.

Saif guided me through several sessions I have had with him. His sense of balance and spiritual grounding is something to learn from
The type of healing and guidance he provides is a Must for us to Experience and live our lives to the fullest, to be who we are meant to be
I thank Saif for this process. It is life-changing. And I know it is now a Lifetime bond with him as my personal Spiritual Guide. 

If you like to book a session, CLICK HERE (Very Limited Spots Available)

Published by Saif popatiya

I am an aspiring Spiritual-Entrepreneur, Currently working on expanding my consciousness, and want to help others to realize their true potential and their biggest why, why they do what they do, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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